Use your gimbal like a pro!

Camera Dollies to Steadicams and 3-Axis Gimbal Camera handhelds- the journey of tools used for providing stability to your camera has been so exciting. Though the basic concept behind the invention and inception of all these has been the same, each one of them used an entirely different way to serve the purpose. Out of these, gimbal, the newest tool in the family is certainly the hottest of all and here’s a list of dos with your 3-axis camera or handheld gimbal stabilizer to nail it every single time you use it.

  1. Do not assume that your camera gimbal is a replacement for those camera dollies and steadicams, they are still the mainstream in the cinematic world. So make use of your gimbal along with your sliders, jibs and dollies to make the most of it.
  1. Gimbal for gopro are light-weight and compact and for this are your best companion when you need to shoot while you roam. Move them as much as you want, your gimbal is absolutely fine with that!
  1. You need not to carry those redundant gears with your gimbal. Just your gimbal is enough to take instant shots, without setting up all those messy gears. So, don’t worry if you have lack of patience, time and space, trust your gimbal and click perfectly stable pictures and shoot invincible videos.
  1. Your handheld gimbal doesn’t track the vertical movements of the objects and this may definitely affect your images or videos causing a floating or bobbing effect. As a camera operator, you are the sole responsible person to keep track of those vertical movements.
  1. Rotate it, invert it or do whatever you like to do with your gimbal’s position. Be selective in taking the shots, make use of your gimbal’s flexibility!
  1. Balance your gimbal head accurately! Yes, you need to take care of the balancing of your gimbal. If you don’t, you hamper its motors, thereby draining its batteries.
  1. Shooting with gimbal is not a cup of tea for everyone, you need power up yourself before you try it. It may turn out to be tedious and laborious.