All that you need to know about – uoplay 3 axis gimbal | handheld gimbal stabilizer

Gimbalmart’s UoPlay gimbal is a superb handheld camera stabilizer capable of capturing professional videos. Build quality on the UoPlay is class-leading and is what you’d expect from a brand like Gimbalmart. The gimbal head or handle has very good ergonomics and is made of high quality aluminum alloy with a nice rubber grip. Fit and finishing are excellent and all buttons have a nice tactile feel to them. They are also well-placed and within easy reach of your fingers.

The 3 axis gimbal is made mostly out of aluminum and feels very sturdy. The clamp that is used to cradle the smartphone is controlled via an aluminum dial at the rear and provides a very secure grip on smartphones up to 5.5 inches in size. Bear in mind that this is not your typical selfie stick with a flimsy spring-loaded smartphone clamp. The grip provided by the clamp can be so strong that you need to be careful not to over tighten it especially for smartphones (best gimbal for iphone) that have plastic bodies which could crack under the sheer pressure.

To protect your smartphone from scratches or dents, all surfaces on the gimbal that come into contact with it are covered with soft rubber pads. Once tightened the clamp never comes loose on its own.

The UoPlay doesn’t have a camera mounted on the top. Instead, one has to mount a smartphone, just like selfie sticks. The adjustable stand can hold a smartphone measuring 4-5.5 inch. A few controls have been added to the handle – power, still capture, video capture and the joystick that helps in controlling the motorized movements and speed of the phone mounted on the gimbal.

Once UoPlay pairs over Bluetooth, the nearly dead gimbal instantly comes into action and stabilizes the smartphone (yes, it works as a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer)

An array of controls have been added to the handheld gimbal – switching between video and photo, shoot in panorama long exposure. It can be used for capturing with the rear camera or even selfie mode. The movement of the gimbal is pretty smooth and the results can be seen in the videos shot using this gimbal gopro.

Unlike other gimbals, the 3-axis gimbal on the UoPlay cannot be separated from the handle. This means it is not possible to use other Gimbalmart camera gimbal systems with the UoPlay handle. On a positive note, the UoPlay is a lot more future-proof since it has no built-in camera. Since camera technology on smartphones constantly improve every year, there is always the possibility of using the UoPlay that you bought today with smartphones that have far superior image quality and performance five years from now.

GIMBALMART Uoplay also allows you to take pictures in the portrait mode unlike any other gimbal which is certainly a plus point. However, the image and video quality depends up on the camera optics of the smartphone or Gopro mounted on the gimbal.

Product Highlights
– UoPlay’s 3-axis gimbal system smoothens out the movements you make, turning every shot into cinematic video.
– Shoot better photos in low light, with powerful camera stabilization and full manual camera control.
– Used with its range of accessories, the UoPlay can be mounted almost anywhere, giving you even more opportunities to get that perfect shot.

What’s In The Box
UoPlay comes with a charger cable, counter weight, batteries and user manuals.
The UoPlay packs in a 900-mAh battery that can last close to four hours on a single charge. The battery is removable and can be swapped easily (needed to be purchased separately).

Gimbalmart’s range of accessories- carry bag, different colors handle grips and Joystick, is probably the most comprehensive for any handheld gimbal stabilizer range currently in the market. And this is one major reason why many are attracted to Gimbalmart’s UoPlay lineup.

In terms of build quality and ergonomics, the UoPlay is probably one of the best, if not the best, smartphone gimbal stabilizer available today. Although somewhat pricey, the UoPlay brings the same stabilization technology and quality that was once available only in the more expensive gimbals to smartphone users.

The best place to shop for GIMBALMART UOPLAY is from its official website where GIMBALMART usually offers good deals on many of its products at its online store.

You may also find the Uoplay Gibmal carry bag, grip bands and joystick at affordable prices. The carrying bag is a nice addition to the package and is great for storing or transporting the UoPlay.
Bag it or Junk it: It is great video stabilizing equipment for capturing videos on a smartphones. Turns smartphone into a motion camera.
You Can Buy Gimbal at Price: INR 24,999