The best occasions/ places to use gimbal at- weddings, vlogs, trips

Gimbals have certainly become the hottest new trend in video & image capturing. Everybody wants to get their hands on one so they can start capturing those mesmerizingly smooth images & videos gimbals are known for.
Since SLRs & DSLRs are quite heavy & inconvenient to carry everywhere along with all their tools, this trend has become even more popular with the advantage of them being highly compatible with iphones & Gopro(s). So now, many people are replacing heavy SLRs & DSLRs with 3-axis hand-held gimbals to shoot perfect videos [moving & still] through their high quality iphones & Gopros.

The major reason behind this being that the Gimbals are great for free motion. They allow the operator to move around pretty freely, thanks to the fact that they’re lightweight and compact, operators can take their device virtually anywhere or through anything and still get a smooth shot. Stabilization is the key and Gimbals offer just that. So here, we’re listing out the best occasions you can use a Gimbal to shoot perfect videos:

Handheld Gimbals are best used during wedding functions. They capture fantastic dancing footage. You can work your way in and around the dance floor. This handheld stabilizer is also good to use during portraits, as you can follow the couple and photographer as they take pictures.

Setting up a shot takes a lot of time, especially if each requires different camera movement tools. Gimbals allow vloggers to get similar shots in less time, which is good for run-and-gun vloggers who simply don’t have the time, space, or patience to set up all of that extra gear for shooting videos.

Trips, Vacations or Holidays are the best time you can put the Gimbals to use. Be it adventurous, relaxing or just plain leisure, Gimbal can be your best travel companion. In the sense that it helps shoot perfect stabilized videos which helps you lock-in your travel memories for a lifetime. Run, ride or fly, it never lets you miss a moment.